Meet your Tour Managers

Your tour managers have been carefully selected to ensure that you have the best holiday possible.
Their expertise and knowledge provide you with the comfort of knowing you will never be alone and all aspects of your holiday will be catered for. All our tour managers have been involved in travel for a minimum of ten years and have travelled the world extensively giving you the security and peace of mind that you’re in great hands…

Dannii Falsay

Growing up in a family that travelled extensively, filling me with a sense of purpose, I knew from a very young age…

Kevin Knight

For my entire adult life I have been homesick for destinations…..

Sue Ball

The art of travel has and always will be my true passion. The pleasures of anticipation, the allure of the exotic…

Bek Ortega

Growing up on Norfolk Island, with my Mum working at the Tourist Information Centre…

John Leask

How lucky are we to be able to travel the world.  I had my first overseas trip in 1999 and haven’t stopped since.

Tricia Williams

The big wide world has always held the greatest fascination to me.

Debbie Grace

Travelling the world has been my lifelong passion. Having been fortunate to start my travels at a very young age…