Solo Tours

Touring in large groups and potentially being the only solo traveller is never going to be a concern with
Solo Connections.  We offer you impressive itineraries specifically designed for solo travellers, with amazing
exclusive features. This ensures you really do have the most enjoyable carefree experience with likeminded travellers
but with the privacy of your own room to come back to every evening.

All of our small group tours include a minimum of two meals per day and daily sightseeing.
You are Fully Escorted from Australia and will never pay a single supplement. If you don’t live in the capital city that the tour departs from and don’t wish to fly to that departure point, you are welcome to join us enroute. If you’d like to extend your stay, we are happy to assist with an alternate return flight date.

See below for our full range of available tours.


12 Nights, Departs 8 Feb 2020
Call for availability

11 Nights, Departs 26 Mar 2020
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6 Nights, Departs 19 Jul 2020 
Price $5,245* including air

13 Nights, Departs 5 Nov 2020
Price $9,955* including air

16 Nights, Departs 4 Nov 2020 
Price $7,240* including air


16 Nights, Departs 7 Aug 2020
Price $8,999* including air
Victoria Falls extension available


8 Nights, Departs 28 August 2020
Price $4,569* land only

7 Nights, Departs 5 Sept 2020 
Price $3,920* including air

5 Nights, Departs 21 Sept 2020
Price $2,695* land only


23 Nights, Departs 6 Oct 2020


16 Nights, Departs 9 Jun 2020
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15 Nights, Departs 9 May 2020
Price $10,395* including air

17 Nights, Departs 22 Jun 2020
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15 Nights, Departs 23 Jun 2020 
Price $12,965* including air

16 Nights, Departs 14 Aug 2020 
Price $9,990* including air