Japan is a timeless country where ancient traditions fuse effortlessly with modern life.  This 13 day tour takes in the ancient culture, exquisite natural landscapes and dazzling modernity that is Japan today.  Touring in cherry blossom season, we will experience the delightful colours and scents that spring offers. From Osaka to Tokyo discover the exotic delights and fall in love with the beauty that is uniquely Japan.

Take our 14 day tour to the island nation of Sri Lanka, home to eight UNESCO world heritage sites. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Mannar, Sri Lanka will delight you with their exotic fruits, food and spices. Not just world famous for it’s Ceylon Tea, Sri Lanka also has many animal and wildlife sanctuaries. Join us for an unforgettable adventure to this fascinating country.

Anything seems possible in Vietnam.  A country full of amazing contrasts from mega-cities to hill tribe villages in this country so vibrant and engaging.  Discover friendly people, history both old and new,  and wonderful taste sensations on this 14 day tour.