General Travel Information

The DFAT Smart Traveller Website located at www.smarttraveller.gov.au
can give you valuable information when you’re travelling overseas.

The site can provide you with useful information on local laws, entry and departure procedures, health information and up to date information on the security status of a particular country. This is so you can assess the risk of a particular country prior to departure.

It is recommended that you register your travel details prior to travelling. This information is treated with confidentiality and can make it easier for your friends and family to contact you overseas.

Organise your travel money:

Although you can take any amount of money out of Australia you must declare any amounts over $10,000 or foreign equivalent.

Before you go:

Find out what currency is used at your destination and check ATM availability.

Arrange a selection of methods for carrying your money overseas: Cash, traveller’s cheques, credit card, cash and travel money card.

Tell the bank the dates you are travelling.

Check with your bank that your card will work overseas.