Packing List


  • R Suitcase or backpack (depending on your travels)
  • R Day bag
  • R Wallet
  • R Money belt
  • R Luggage locks (TSA approved if travelling to USA)
  • R Luggage ID tags
  • R Ziplock plastic bags
  • R Large plastic garbage bag (for separating laundry or wet clothes etc)
  • R Coin bags for foreign currency if travelling to more than one country
  • R Spacebags for clothes when travelling with a backpack to economise on space
– Label your suitcase inside and out with your name and your home address and perhaps attach a sticker, ribbon, patch or other unique identifier to your luggage to make it easier to spot.

– A day bag is a bag that is big enough to fit in what you may need for a day’s sightseeing (for example a backpack, a shoulder bag, a big hand bag or a ‘man bag’).

– Be prepared for anything and pack water bottles, umbrellas, cameras, jackets, make up, anti-bacterial wipes, pens, notes, diaries, maps, postcards, mobile phones and almost anything and everything else you may need into a day bag.

– The size of a day bag, if you choose to use one, is entirely dependent on your personal style and what you choose to take out with you on your sightseeing days.

Money & Documents

  • R Passport - fill in your current address in pencil at back of passport
  • R Visas (if needed)
  • R Travel Insurance
  • R E-Tickets
  • R Itinerary including addresses and phone numbers of accommodation
  • R Accommodation vouchers
  • R Frequent Flyer cards
  • R Travel Insurance policy & emergency contact number
  • R Driver’s Licence
  • R International Driver’s Licence
  • R Cash Passport
  • R Currency
  • R Credit / Debit Cards
  • R Address list for sending postcard / emails
– Make a copy of your passport, visas, travel documents & itinerary and keep them in a separate location to the originals just in case they are lost or stolen. It’s also a good idea to leave an extra copy at home with family or friends.

– Keep a separate phone list of your family & friends in case you lose your mobile phone or address book.

– Couples who have several types of credit cards should select one card each, therefore if your wallet is lost or stolen you have immediate credit with another card.




  • R Camera & spare memory card
  • R Video camera & spare memory card
  • R Universal adapter
  • R Batteries & all electrical chargers
  • R MP3 player
  • R Notebook / Laptop
  • R Travel Clock with alarm
  • R Mobile phone
  • R Calculator for currency conversions

In Flight

  • R Clear Zip Lock bag containing Lip Balm, Moisturiser, Eye drops, Deodorant & Toothpaste (no larger than 100ml)
  • R Earplugs
  • R Eyeshade
  • R Inflatable neck pillow
  • R Socks & jacket (it can often be quite cool in the plane)
  • R Change of clothes & underwear (in case luggage is delayed)
  • R Chewing Gum or Lollies (to help relieve pressure in ears on take off & landing)
  • R Pen (to complete any arrival documentation)

Women’s Clothing

  • R Jeans / Pants
  • R Shorts / Skirts
  • R T-shirts / Shirts
  • R Bras / Underwear
  • R Socks
  • R Sandals
  • R Jumpers / Cardigans
  • R Workout gear
  • R Pyjamas
  • R Rain / Wind jacket
  • R Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
  • R Hat / Cap
  • R Dress & heels (for any special occasions)
  • R Sunglasses and case
  • R Swimsuit
  • R Sarong
  • R Belt
  • R Watch

Men’s Wear

  • R Jeans / Pants
  • R Shorts / Skirts
  • R T-shirts / Shirts
  • R Boxers / Briefs
  • R Socks
  • R Sandals
  • R Dress shoes
  • R Jumpers
  • R Pyjamas
  • R Workout gear
  • R Rain / Wind jacket
  • R Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
  • R Hat / Cap
  • R Suit & tie (for any special occasions)
  • R Sunglasses and case
  • R Swim wear
  • R Belt
  • R Watch

Women’s Toiletries

  • R Toothbrush
  • R Toothpaste
  • R Mouthwash & dental floss
  • R Shampoo
  • R Conditioner
  • R Soap or bodywash
  • R Hairbrush / Comb
  • R Deodorant
  • R Moisturiser
  • R Cosmetics
  • R Makeup remover
  • R Face cleanser, toner & moisturiser
  • R Hairdryer / Straightening iron
  • R Hairspray
  • R Jewellery
  • R Feminine Protection
  • R Perfume

Men’s Toiletries

  • R Toothbrush
  • R Toothpaste
  • R Mouthwash & dental floss
  • R Soap or bodywash
  • R Hairbrush / Comb
  • R Deodorant
  • R Moisturiser
  • R Razor & shaving cream
  • R Cologne


  • R Mini First Aid Kit including Panadol / Bandaids / Betadine (Antiseptic) / Sea sick tablets / Imodium
  • R Prescription drugs packed in original containers (and a photocopy of your prescription)
  • R Insect Repellent
  • R Sunscreen
  • R After Sun lotion / Aloe Vera
  • R Vitamins
  • R Antiseptic Handwash


  • R Guide book
  • R Maps
  • R Phrase book
  • R Reading books
  • R Travel journal & pens

Other Handy Items

  • R Handy wipes
  • R Washing powder
  • R Sewing Kit
  • R Tissues
  • R Toilet Paper
  • R Small torch
  • R Hangers (for drying clothes when no shower rod) or Travel Clothesline
  • R Safety pins
  • R Thongs (if using communal showers)
  • R Small mirror
  • R Umbrella
  • R Beach towel
  • R Games / Playing Cards
  • R Sink plug
  • R Swiss Army Knife with scissors, screwdriver etc (must be packed in your checked luggage)
  • R Gaffer tape (can be used for temporary repairs)

Before you leave home checklist

  • R Unplug appliances: TV, DVD, computer, coffee maker, toaster etc
  • R Turn off hot water cylinder
  • R Secure all outdoor items in case of storm
  • R Set light timers
  • R Stop newspaper delivery
  • R Stop milk, bread or fruit deliveries
  • R Stop mail delivery or ask neighbour to collect for you
  • R Make arrangements for pet care
  • R Water plants
  • R Make arrangements for care of lawns, house plants, garden, swimming pool
  • R Arrange international roaming with your mobile phone provider
  • R Throw out any perishables in your fridge & cupboards
  • R Empty garbage bins
  • R Pre-pay bills (or ask close friend to collect mail and pay bills for you)
  • R Remove all unwanted club memberships and credit cards from your wallet - less bulky and reduces the risk factor
  • R Check all windows & doors are locked
  • R Set alarm
  • R Triple check that you have passport, tickets & money
  • R Contact your bank and/or credit card provider to advise them that you will be travelling outside Australia (some banks or credit card companies will automatically block cards that are used overseas for security purposes)

If travelling for an extended period:

  • R Suspend health insurance
  • R Suspend gym membership
  • R Contact Centrelink if you receive any regular payments