Travel Insurance

Before you choose a travel insurance plan you should make sure it covers the place you plan to visit and the activities you plan to do. It should cover you for medical expenses, theft of valuables, damage to baggage and disruption or cancellations to travel bookings. It is worth checking to see if you are covered for pre-existing medical conditions.
Medical expenses can be extremely high, especially while you’re overseas. The Australian Government will not cover your medical costs while you are overseas. If you do not have travel insurance you are risking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of additional charges you will personally be responsible for. Unprepared travellers have faced severe hardship.
If you have an existing policy loaded with your credit card you should check that the policy will cover you while you’re overseas and ask for written confirmation. You should check this will cover all your destinations and activities.
It is wise to check that your policy covers you for changes that occur while you are overseas as some policies do not offer refunds if the security or safety environment changes. These terms and conditions will influence whether you are entitled to a refund if DFAT changes the level of the travel advice or possible travel warnings.